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F1 Optitex Help Line
F2 Line Direction (Take D and press F2 and Set your Direction
F3 Loked Pieces
F4 Show/hidden Grading
F5 Sew /Cut Line/Seam inside or outside
F6 Seam Behaviour/ Reseam
F7 Snap to grid
F8 Measurement Show
F9 Selection on Pieces
F10 View and Selection and attributes
F11 Any Part Join and Measure
F12 To get Notch Both Side
1 Piece Window
2 Grading Table Show
3 Tool Box
4 Style Set
5 Compare Length
6 Piece Table
7 Use for 3D
8 Use for 3D
9 Use for 3D
\ Preferences
] Rotate Clock Wise
[ Rotate Anti clock Wise
+ Flip Vertical
= Flip Vertical
Properties Enter / Double click
– Rotate to Horizontal
Space Bar Move Piece

Lock Cursor Horizontal
/ Set Baseline Direction
Backspace Point Delete

A Arc
B Build Piece
C Cut Piece
D Draft
E Extend Internal contour
G Align Point
H Set Half Piece Line
I Move/Copy Internal
J Joint Pieces
L Pleat
M Move Point
N Notch
O Add Point
P Parallel Line
Q Multimove
R Angle Of Rotation
S Add Seam
T Text(Set Position of Discription)
U Stich
W Walk
Z Select Tool

Shift + O Non Grading Point
Shift + F10 View and Selection
Shift + F4 Table of Size
Shift + C Copy grading
Shift + V Paste Seam
Shift + X Copy X Grading
Shift + Y Copy Y Grading
Shift + Home Zoom Selection
Shift + Delete Erase Piece From File
Shift + > Unlock Cursor Vertical
Shift + O Point on Contour
Shift + = Flip Horizontal
shift + /,? Rotate to Baseline
Shift + – Rotate to Vertical
Shift + S Remove Seam
Shift + I Multi Select Internals
Shift + T Trim
Shift + J Join Contour
Shift + L Pleats Line
Shift + P Exten In Parallel
Shift + F Fold In
Shift + Z Trace Zone
Shift + H Open Half
Shift + N Add Notch on Point
Shift + M Move Point Along Contour
Shift + / Rotate to Intial Baseline
D + Shift To Draw a line as a curve
Shift + Q Add Spline support points

Ctrl + H Close Half
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines
Ctrl + F6 Hide / Display Sew Line
Ctrl + F8 Segment measurement
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + L Plot
Ctrl + K Arrange for Plot
2/ Ctrl + F4 Grading Table Show
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + > Unlock cursor
Ctrl + R Round Courner
Ctrl + D Measure Tool
ctrl + M Move Point Proportional
Ctrl + B Trace Segment
Ctrl = Flip Along Line
ctrl + Alt + D Dart
Ctrl + Alt + B Button Add
Ctrl + Shift + M Move Parralel
Ctrl + Shift +F Fold Out
Ctrl + Space Bar or I Move Internal
Ctrl + Shift +B Trace Pieces
Ctrl + Shift + Z Build Zone
Ctrl +Alt +G Delete Guide line
Ctrl + Shift + N Add Point to all the Notches
Ctrl + Shift + alt +S Remove Seam on segment
Ctrl + Alt + C Circle
Ctrl + Shift + Alt +C Two Circle Tangent
Ctrl + Alt + M Move Points
Ctrl +/ new baseline
Ctrl + Alt +H Set Mirror Line
Ctrl +Shift + alt+T Track Line
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines

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To know about the Related Fabric Garment and Textile

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Fibers Yarns & Threads

An Introduction

Fibers, Yarns, & Threads are the basic requirement of any textile, apparel or related industry. The manufacturers require fibers, yarns and threads according to the product they manufacture. Thus, the fiber manufacturers keep in mind the demands of natural fibers as well as of synthetic fibers. As far as yarns are concerned, there are different categories available in the market such as material yarn, yarn by fiber, and yarn by making process. The Fibers, Yarns and Threads Companies Directory lists the yarn manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of all the types of yarns. Thread Manufacturers too have to produce a variety of threads according to the demands of the other textile products manufacturers. The Thread Companies listed in this Product Directory include such threads as Acrylic Thread, Cotton Thread, Elastic Thread, Embroidery Thread, Polyester Thread and many other kinds of threads.

Textile Products

An Introduction

Textile Industry is not only about clothings. There are innumerable Textile Products Companies which consume textile as a raw material for their Textile Products ranging from as small a product as bags, slings, briefcases, umbrellas, backpacks, nets, filter bags to as big as tents, boats, awnings, canopies, conveyor belts and display booths. This industry is so vast and diverse that a Textile Products Directory becomes inevitable for Textile Products Manufacturers, Textile Products Suppliers and Textile Products Wholesalers worldwide. This Directory also includes such products as tarpaulins, wiping cloths, upholstery, wall coverings, wind screens, sleeping bags, and baffles.


Textile Machinery

An Introduction

The Textile Machinery Directory is important in the sense that Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Textile Machinery Suppliers and Textile Machinery Wholesalers are scattered worldwide. Whether you are in a Textile Machinery Wholesale Business or require a Textile Machine or a Textile Equipment for your factory, you can source contacts from this comprehensive Directory. It contains the exact product details ranging from basic Machinery like Textile Spinning Machinery, Textile Weaving Machinery, Textile Knitting Machine, Textile Finishing Machinery, Textile Machinery Parts, Textile Machine Accessories, Sewing Machine to more advanced products such as Textile Testing Equipment, Textile Packing Machinery, Textile Processing Machinery, and even Leather And Footwear Machinery.


Textile Services

An Introduction

With the continuous growth of global production and consumption of textile related products and services, there are both opportunities and challenges for the textile industry. The Textile Services are a part of Textile Industry and are needed to manufacture, finish, market and distribute the products. Textile Services as basic from pleating and Contract Weaving to as modernized as Computer- Aided Designs are all available in the market. The only requirement is a little research for finding these service providers. We have made it easier for you by listing them here for your convenience. .


Apparel, Clothing & Garments

An Introduction

The Apparel Clothing & Garments Companies Directory lists the Manufacturers and wholesale supplier companies dealing in various sectors of clothing such as mens clothing, womens clothing, kids clothing, infant wear, sports wear etc. With the Industry going global, the Manufacturers and Suppliers do not have to limit themselves within any boundary. The Companies from varied countries join hands in order to meet the ever expanding demands of the consumers worldwide. In such a situation, a vast resource of Apparel and Garment Industry becomes indispensable. This Directory also includes the categories as diverse as clothing by fabrics, fashion clothing, industrial clothing, and animal clothing.


An Introduction

Fabrics, the basic material of textile industry has varied usage in the production of different items. Its supply chain can remain smooth only if there is a continuous supply of textile fabric from various textile fabric manufacturers and wholesale companies. Fabrics are usually differentiated on the basis of composition having two types of fabrics, Natural Fabrics, and Synthetic Fabrics. Differentiation of fabric by usage is also common that may include Apparel Fabrics, Bags Fabrics, Clothing Fabrics, Home Furnishing Fabrics, Hosiery Fabrics, Industrial Fabrics among others. Fabrics categorized on the basis of manufacturing process are also in demand by various manufacturers. These fabrics include Blended Fabric, Warp Knit Fabric, Ribbed Fabric, Satin Fabric, and Crocheted Fabric. Of late Speciality Fabrics like Flame Resistant Fabric, Laminated Fabric, Carbon Fabric, Fiberglass Fabric etc have also become important for various manufacturers.

If quality products have to be manufactured, the first and the foremost concern is the cautious selection of fabrics. The Manufacturers select Fabric by usage. It means that the production of different goods like apparel, bags, bedding, curtain, drapery, industrial clothing, all need a different kind of fabric than the other. This underlines the need of proper and comprehensive information about Fabrics & it’s manufacturers. There are innumerable Fabric Companies that manufacture myriad types of fabrics spread across the globe. This Fabrics Companies Directory is compilation of information about fabric manufacturers and wholesale companies from 200 different geographies dealing in all type of quality fabrics like Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics, Speciality Fabrics, Blended, Warp Knit, Ribbed, Satin, and Crochet Fabric.


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Raunchy in-bed photos of Christina Aguilera and boyfriend surface

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Hundreds of raunchy photos of Christina Aguilera have surfaced after she apparently left her camera”s memory card in a French hotel.

The images are said to show the singer in various intimate situations, including at Nicole Richie”s bachelorette party and in bed with her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler, reports the Daily Mail.

The photos, dated from June to November 2010, surfaced when they were offered for sale to a U.S. website by a man who said he had found the lost card in an upscale hotel.

The website claims to have seen the ‘romantic’ shots of 30-year-old Aguilera and Rutler.

A selection of images reportedly showed the new couple kissing passionately in a variety of locations. Another showed them lying in bed together.

The couple met in 2010 on the set of ‘Burlesque’, where Rutler worked as a set assistant.

Fifteen of the shots showed Aguilera at her friend Richie”s bachelorette bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico September 2010., which was offered the images for sale, also reports that images show Aguilera in a series of compromising poses, including mimicking oral sex on a banana, dancing on a table, posing with naked men, and posing for before-and-after make-up shots.

This is not the first time Aguilera has seen her private photos made public.

In December a series of images showing her in various stages of undress were published online.

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Plenty at stake as arch-rivals India and Pak clash

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Billed as the ‘mother of all clashes’, bitter rivals India and Pakistan go into the high-voltage World Cup semi-final battle in Mohali on Wednesday in what promises to be an epic tussle of nerves and skills between two teams desperately seeking to regain the coveted trophy.

When the two captains walk out for the toss, two estranged nations who have fought wars in the past but have a common passion for cricket, will virtually come to a standstill with millions glued to the television sets to watch the blockbuster unfold.

Shared history — albeit bitter — only adds to the emotional quotient of Indo-Pak contests where victory and defeat is not just a result but a matter of national pride.

The presence of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani and a host of other dignitaries, the massive hype and build-up and the phenomenal interest the match has generated have set the stage for the 2011 World Cup’s biggest showdown.

Indo-Pak matches, which showcase one of the world’s most intense sporting rivalries, invariably boil down to handling the pressure in crunch situations.

With so much at stake, the team that handles the pressure better will travel to Mumbai for the summit showdown on 2nd April.

The potentially explosive clash on Wednesday is the first match between the two neighbouring countries on Indian soil after the 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai which led to the snapping of bilateral cricket ties between the two nations.

They have faced each other in four World Cup matches in the past and India have come out victories on all these occasions even though Pakistan have a clear edge in the overall record, winning 69 of their 119 clashes so far.

Even on Indian soil, Pakistan have the upper-hand in record books, having managed 17 wins in 26 matches.

But all these stats and reputation count for nothing as the team that plays better on the given day will win.

Defending champions Australia and stong contenders South Africa are already knocked out of the tournament at the quarter-final stage which only goes to show that reputation alone does not win matches.

India appears to hold a slight edge over their traditional rivals and will look to capitalise on home advantage and the support of the crowd in pressure situations.

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has sought to put up a brave face by stating that the Indians will not be under any undue pressure.

“The World Cup is being held in the sub-continent and India and Pakistan are playing in the semifinals. It does not get better. The pressure will be big, but in reality it makes no difference to us. It will be just a game. Indian cricket team has always been under pressure and we have handled it well”, Dhoni said on Tuesday.

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Ranbir, Priyanka promote upcoming flick ”Anjaana Anjaani” in Mumbai

September 30, 2010 Comments off

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra visited Mumbai”s Kishenchand Chellaram College on Tuesday to promote their upcoming flick ”Anjaana Anjaani”.

Actor Ranbir Kapoor was given a warm welcome on the occasion since it was also his birthday. The college staff and the students celebrated his birthday by singing songs and cutting a cake.

Ranbir Kapoor later thanked his fans and requested them to watch the romantic movie.

“You guys please go for Anjaana Anjaani, it”s coming out on October 1, so please go watch. I hope you have good time while watching this movie and I love you guys thank you,” said Kapoor.

Priyanka and Ranbir later threw ”Anjaana Anjaani” music cds at the students.

The movie was slated to release on September 24, but was postponed as it was coinciding with the Ayodhya verdict.

The movie will hit the box office on Friday.

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Mukesh Ambani again tops list of richest Indians

September 30, 2010 Comments off

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has topped the latest Forbes’ India Rich List with a net worth of 27 billion dollars for the third consecutive time.

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal remains at No. 2 with a net worth of 26.1 billion dollars.

Moving up to third position this year is IT outsourcer Wipro’s Azim Premji. His wealth increased to 17.6 billion dollars from 14.9 billion dollars last year amid an improving outlook for the sector.

Premji moves up to third place, displacing younger Ambani sibling Anil Ambani, who dropped to No. 6.

India’s rising stock market and a booming economy that’s expanding by 8.5 percent have boosted the net worth of richest people, according to Forbes’ India Rich List.

The combined net worth of India’s 100 richest people is 300 billion dollars, up from 276 billion dollars last year. This year, there are 69 billionaires on the India Rich List, 17 more than last year.

Also improving on their previous ranking to No. 4 are brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia with 15 billion dollars, more than their last year’s net worth of 13.6 billion dollars.

Naazneen Karmali, India Editor of Forbes Asia and Mumbai bureau manager of Forbes

magazine, said: “As we had predicted, the huge correction in Indian wealth which occurred in 2008 is fast becoming a distant memory. This year’s list illustrates the vibrancy and resilience of India’s economy.”

Twenty-six of the 35 who returned to the top 40 from last year are wealthier now. The biggest gainer in percentage terms was media baron Kalanithi Maran, who made a splash with his purchase of a big stake in low-cost airline SpiceJet. His net worth rose 74 percent, according to Forbes.

The top 10 richest in India are:

1) Mukesh Ambani; US$27 billion

2) Lakshmi Mittal; $26.1 billion

3) Azim Premji; $17.6 billion

4) Shashi & Ravi Ruia; $15 billion

5) Savitri Jindal; $14.4 billion

6) Anil Ambani; $13.3 billion

7) Gautam Adani; $10.7 billion

8) Kushal Pal Singh; $9.2 billion

9) Sunil Mittal; $8.6 billion

10) Kumar Birla; $8.5 billion

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Muggy day in Delhi, rains likely

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Delhi experienced a muggy Tuesday morning as maximum humidity touched 100 percent. The weatherman said parts of the city could see some showers later in the day.

“The skies will be partly cloudy with one or two spells of rain or thundershowers in some parts of the city later in the day,” said an official of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

According to weather officials, the capital received 1 mm of rainfall from Monday morning till 8.30 a.m. Tuesday.

Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 26 degree Celsius in the morning, normal for this time of the season. The maximum temperature is expected to hover around 34 degrees.

The maximum humidity was on the higher side at 100 percent, while the minimum was 72 percent.

The city has received 800.6 mm of rainfall so far this monsoon, which is 43 percent above average. In the month of August alone, Delhi received 456 mm of rainfall – almost 101 percent above the usual.

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