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IPhone 4: Best Ever-sold Product in Apple’s History

July 1, 2010 Comments off

Today it was announced by Apple that 1.7 million iPhones 4 were sold by the company and its partners within the first three days of this device’s availability.
According to the analysts, the sales would have been much higher if Apple had more devices in stock.
In comparison with iPhones 4 only 1 million iPhones 3GS were sold within the first three days of their availability in 2008.
According to Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, the current product is the most successful one in the history of Apple. He apologized to his prospective customers who were intending to purchase it but were turned away as there were no more 4th-version devices in the company’s supply.
That was not the first company’s apology connected with iPhone ordering and supply problems. A little less than half a month ago, its and AT&T’s on-line system for ordering didn’t cope with the scope of pre-orders and collapsed. This incident happened on 15, June. At that time unlucky customers had to wait for several hours to be finally able to purchase iPhone 4.
There were about 600,000 pre-orders in 1.7 million sold iPhones 4. These numbers indicate that the current launch is the greatest in Apple’s history.

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