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F1 Optitex Help Line
F2 Line Direction (Take D and press F2 and Set your Direction
F3 Loked Pieces
F4 Show/hidden Grading
F5 Sew /Cut Line/Seam inside or outside
F6 Seam Behaviour/ Reseam
F7 Snap to grid
F8 Measurement Show
F9 Selection on Pieces
F10 View and Selection and attributes
F11 Any Part Join and Measure
F12 To get Notch Both Side
1 Piece Window
2 Grading Table Show
3 Tool Box
4 Style Set
5 Compare Length
6 Piece Table
7 Use for 3D
8 Use for 3D
9 Use for 3D
\ Preferences
] Rotate Clock Wise
[ Rotate Anti clock Wise
+ Flip Vertical
= Flip Vertical
Properties Enter / Double click
– Rotate to Horizontal
Space Bar Move Piece

Lock Cursor Horizontal
/ Set Baseline Direction
Backspace Point Delete

A Arc
B Build Piece
C Cut Piece
D Draft
E Extend Internal contour
G Align Point
H Set Half Piece Line
I Move/Copy Internal
J Joint Pieces
L Pleat
M Move Point
N Notch
O Add Point
P Parallel Line
Q Multimove
R Angle Of Rotation
S Add Seam
T Text(Set Position of Discription)
U Stich
W Walk
Z Select Tool

Shift + O Non Grading Point
Shift + F10 View and Selection
Shift + F4 Table of Size
Shift + C Copy grading
Shift + V Paste Seam
Shift + X Copy X Grading
Shift + Y Copy Y Grading
Shift + Home Zoom Selection
Shift + Delete Erase Piece From File
Shift + > Unlock Cursor Vertical
Shift + O Point on Contour
Shift + = Flip Horizontal
shift + /,? Rotate to Baseline
Shift + – Rotate to Vertical
Shift + S Remove Seam
Shift + I Multi Select Internals
Shift + T Trim
Shift + J Join Contour
Shift + L Pleats Line
Shift + P Exten In Parallel
Shift + F Fold In
Shift + Z Trace Zone
Shift + H Open Half
Shift + N Add Notch on Point
Shift + M Move Point Along Contour
Shift + / Rotate to Intial Baseline
D + Shift To Draw a line as a curve
Shift + Q Add Spline support points

Ctrl + H Close Half
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines
Ctrl + F6 Hide / Display Sew Line
Ctrl + F8 Segment measurement
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + L Plot
Ctrl + K Arrange for Plot
2/ Ctrl + F4 Grading Table Show
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + > Unlock cursor
Ctrl + R Round Courner
Ctrl + D Measure Tool
ctrl + M Move Point Proportional
Ctrl + B Trace Segment
Ctrl = Flip Along Line
ctrl + Alt + D Dart
Ctrl + Alt + B Button Add
Ctrl + Shift + M Move Parralel
Ctrl + Shift +F Fold Out
Ctrl + Space Bar or I Move Internal
Ctrl + Shift +B Trace Pieces
Ctrl + Shift + Z Build Zone
Ctrl +Alt +G Delete Guide line
Ctrl + Shift + N Add Point to all the Notches
Ctrl + Shift + alt +S Remove Seam on segment
Ctrl + Alt + C Circle
Ctrl + Shift + Alt +C Two Circle Tangent
Ctrl + Alt + M Move Points
Ctrl +/ new baseline
Ctrl + Alt +H Set Mirror Line
Ctrl +Shift + alt+T Track Line
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines

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Raunchy in-bed photos of Christina Aguilera and boyfriend surface

March 30, 2011 Comments off

Hundreds of raunchy photos of Christina Aguilera have surfaced after she apparently left her camera”s memory card in a French hotel.

The images are said to show the singer in various intimate situations, including at Nicole Richie”s bachelorette party and in bed with her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler, reports the Daily Mail.

The photos, dated from June to November 2010, surfaced when they were offered for sale to a U.S. website by a man who said he had found the lost card in an upscale hotel.

The website claims to have seen the ‘romantic’ shots of 30-year-old Aguilera and Rutler.

A selection of images reportedly showed the new couple kissing passionately in a variety of locations. Another showed them lying in bed together.

The couple met in 2010 on the set of ‘Burlesque’, where Rutler worked as a set assistant.

Fifteen of the shots showed Aguilera at her friend Richie”s bachelorette bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico September 2010., which was offered the images for sale, also reports that images show Aguilera in a series of compromising poses, including mimicking oral sex on a banana, dancing on a table, posing with naked men, and posing for before-and-after make-up shots.

This is not the first time Aguilera has seen her private photos made public.

In December a series of images showing her in various stages of undress were published online.

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Campbell wants to get on with her life after ‘blood diamond’ testimony

August 7, 2010 Comments off

Naomi Campbell wants to get war crimes tribunal ‘to get over with’ and get on with her life. Speaking at the the trial to determine whether Liberian strongman Charles Taylor funded a civil war in Sierra Leone with ‘blood diamonds’, the supermodel said that she has had enough of courtrooms and testimonies. “I just want to get this over with and get on with my life,” The New York Daily News quoted her as saying. In Campbell”s case, it means resuming a luxurious yacht cruise with her married billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, according to insiders. Doronin”s 13-year-old daughter, Katia, will also join the couple as they sail to Sardinia, Sicily and Ibiza. Campbell claimed she didn”t know whether the “dirty-looking pebbles” given to her by two men. “I don”t know anything about Charles Taylor, never heard of him before, never heard of the country Liberia before,” Campbell said of the Liberian president, who faces charges of murder, rape, recruiting child soldiers and sexual enslavement. She also insisted she has never heard of the term ‘blood diamonds’ and said she’d handed over them to Jeremy Ratcliffe, the then director of the Nelson Mandela Children”s Fund. But the charity has stated it never received the diamonds Campbell said she gave to its former head. Prosecutor Brenda Hollis asked the supermodel, “Isn”t it correct that your account today isn”t entirely truthful?” But Campbell replied, “No, that”s not correct.”

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Sean Bean getting divorced from fourth wife

August 7, 2010 Comments off

English actor Sean Bean is getting divorced from his fourth wife actress Georgina Sutcliffe.

Bean, 51, and Sutcliffe, 32, have been married for two years, and in divorce papers filed at the High Court they cited irreconcilable differences.

The actor had met Sutcliffe in a bar, and their wedding, which had been planned for January 2008, was called off “for personal reasons” but took place weeks later.

Months after the wedding, he was arrested when the actress accused him of assault, but she later withdrew the claim.

Police were called to their North London home three times due to disturbances.

“Things are more settled. There will be no more divorce,” the Sun quoted him as having said in March.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s hard-partying beau in rehab after violent outburst

August 7, 2010 Comments off

Kourtney Kardashian’s hard-partying boyfriend Scott Disick has been sent to rehab after he behaved violently during an episode of ‘’Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami’.

“Scott received outpatient rehab treatment and counseling for alcohol use and psychological issues after his Miami outburst. He”s still being treated,” the New York Daily News quoted sources as telling E Online.

But Disick seemed very resistant to the idea of rehab when Kourtney’s mother Kris suggested it.

The violent outburst occured when Kris stopped by to talk to Disick about possible retreats she has looked into for him to deal with his issues.

“I’m sure that deep down in there somewhere there’s a really great guy,” Kris to Disick.

“But I think that things have gotten a little out of hand and you really need to take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else,” she added.

Disick snubbed her suggestion, saying, “I’ve already started going to therapy and working on myself. I don’t need another person putting me down while I’m trying to be on the right path.”

“It’s very upsetting. I’m here to say you will not be a part of my life unless you change really fast,” she told him.

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Amitabh Bachchan pleased over association with Champions league

August 7, 2010 Comments off

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan on Friday expressed happiness on being associated with the forthcoming Champions League Twenty20 tournament to be held in South Africa.

“It is very exciting, just the time, the constraint of number of overs that you have to face, the fact that each player has to perform his very best from first ball, that”s what builds the excitement,” said Bachchan.

“I think that all of us agree that it has been very revolutionary, this change and I am so happy that I am associated with the game now. I wish all the three teams from India to perform and win,” he added.

Former Indian skipper Saurav Ganguly, who was also present on the occasion, said it is a good opportunity for the upcoming players to be face to face with the best players in the world.

Ten cricket teams from across the world will be facing each other in the tournament.

The championship will start from September 10.

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Shannon Marketic arrested for shoplifting

August 5, 2010 Comments off

Shannon Marketic, who once filed a law suit against the sultan of Brunei, was arrested for shoplifting from a Target in Texas. She is the 1992 Miss USA. She was accused of shoplifting of Oil of Olay products worth $90.
At present, she is out on a bond of $500. But it looks like she would be paying a penalty ranging from $50 to $500. Shannon Marketic is more famous for accusing the sultan of Brunei that he made her a sex slave when she was under his employment. But her case against the ruling head was thrown away as he has immunity by law of the sate against all accusations. Another women had own 500,000 pounds on the same charges against the ruler.

But the very fact that Marketic has resorted to shoplifting proves that she has fallen to hard times and is in dire state. There are no reports about the Oil of Olay products she shoplifted but probably she was looking for a product that makes you appear younger and the product most likely was Regenerist

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