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Amir does not want an IPL Team

June 24, 2010 Comments off

The adrenalin rush for the next IPL season has already started, and several stars are already in the middle of negotiations for the next Indian Premier League season.

Amir Khan though is one actor who has shown no interest in the recent buzz. The actor who has been sought by many to become the face of one of the IPL teams have straightway refused to comply with this demand. The actor, who is known to be a perfectionist, is not ready to compromise his first love cinema due to any other interest. According to him, taking on the responsibility of an IPL team will result in loss of focus for him. “I want to enjoy cricket. I don’t want the stress of it. I enjoy playing cricket and I’m a huge fan of the game. Owning a cricket team comes with a lot of responsibility. Those responsibilities will take me away from cinema, which is my passion. People have approached me to invest in a team, but I have declined.”

One interesting development in this context is that, Preity Zinta is all set to sell her IPL team after a fall out with ex-fiancé and co owner of the team, Ness Wadia.

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