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HTC EVO 4G GSM version likely to be launched

July 12, 2010 Comments off

The new rumors about HTC circulating the media are that the smartphone maker is likely to launch a GSM version of its one of the phones.

The reports say that the company may either launch GSM version of HTC EVO 4G or the HTC Droid Incredible. A company official in a recent interview has said, “But I definitely think that because of all of the interest that people have had in the Evo, and how well it’s been selling, that you’ll definitely see European carriers be like ‘uh-oh, maybe we should get something like that’. But I don’t have anything [to announce] quite yet.” Now the reports are saying that it could be HTC Incredible which will be launched as GSM version.

The company has not yet given any details about the launch of HTC Incredible in other parts of the world. For quite some time the HTC Desire has been providing almost the same package. But it is certain that HTC may not be repeating the same mistake that they did about HTC Desire by launching it only in the U.S. However, any definite news will take time to come from the company .

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