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October 14, 2014

F1 Optitex Help Line
F2 Line Direction (Take D and press F2 and Set your Direction
F3 Loked Pieces
F4 Show/hidden Grading
F5 Sew /Cut Line/Seam inside or outside
F6 Seam Behaviour/ Reseam
F7 Snap to grid
F8 Measurement Show
F9 Selection on Pieces
F10 View and Selection and attributes
F11 Any Part Join and Measure
F12 To get Notch Both Side
1 Piece Window
2 Grading Table Show
3 Tool Box
4 Style Set
5 Compare Length
6 Piece Table
7 Use for 3D
8 Use for 3D
9 Use for 3D
\ Preferences
] Rotate Clock Wise
[ Rotate Anti clock Wise
+ Flip Vertical
= Flip Vertical
Properties Enter / Double click
– Rotate to Horizontal
Space Bar Move Piece

Lock Cursor Horizontal
/ Set Baseline Direction
Backspace Point Delete

A Arc
B Build Piece
C Cut Piece
D Draft
E Extend Internal contour
G Align Point
H Set Half Piece Line
I Move/Copy Internal
J Joint Pieces
L Pleat
M Move Point
N Notch
O Add Point
P Parallel Line
Q Multimove
R Angle Of Rotation
S Add Seam
T Text(Set Position of Discription)
U Stich
W Walk
Z Select Tool

Shift + O Non Grading Point
Shift + F10 View and Selection
Shift + F4 Table of Size
Shift + C Copy grading
Shift + V Paste Seam
Shift + X Copy X Grading
Shift + Y Copy Y Grading
Shift + Home Zoom Selection
Shift + Delete Erase Piece From File
Shift + > Unlock Cursor Vertical
Shift + O Point on Contour
Shift + = Flip Horizontal
shift + /,? Rotate to Baseline
Shift + – Rotate to Vertical
Shift + S Remove Seam
Shift + I Multi Select Internals
Shift + T Trim
Shift + J Join Contour
Shift + L Pleats Line
Shift + P Exten In Parallel
Shift + F Fold In
Shift + Z Trace Zone
Shift + H Open Half
Shift + N Add Notch on Point
Shift + M Move Point Along Contour
Shift + / Rotate to Intial Baseline
D + Shift To Draw a line as a curve
Shift + Q Add Spline support points

Ctrl + H Close Half
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines
Ctrl + F6 Hide / Display Sew Line
Ctrl + F8 Segment measurement
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + L Plot
Ctrl + K Arrange for Plot
2/ Ctrl + F4 Grading Table Show
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + > Unlock cursor
Ctrl + R Round Courner
Ctrl + D Measure Tool
ctrl + M Move Point Proportional
Ctrl + B Trace Segment
Ctrl = Flip Along Line
ctrl + Alt + D Dart
Ctrl + Alt + B Button Add
Ctrl + Shift + M Move Parralel
Ctrl + Shift +F Fold Out
Ctrl + Space Bar or I Move Internal
Ctrl + Shift +B Trace Pieces
Ctrl + Shift + Z Build Zone
Ctrl +Alt +G Delete Guide line
Ctrl + Shift + N Add Point to all the Notches
Ctrl + Shift + alt +S Remove Seam on segment
Ctrl + Alt + C Circle
Ctrl + Shift + Alt +C Two Circle Tangent
Ctrl + Alt + M Move Points
Ctrl +/ new baseline
Ctrl + Alt +H Set Mirror Line
Ctrl +Shift + alt+T Track Line
Ctrl + T Clear Track Lines

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