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Ashley Cole says he is proud of wife Cheryl’s X Factor success

November 24, 2009 Comments off

Brit football player Ashley Cole has revealed that he is very proud of his wife Cheryl’s success, and denies claims that he is jealous.

Cole, 28, spoke out after rumours started that their marriage has been crumbling ever since Cheryl’s solo career took off, and after she appeared twice on The X Factor without her wedding ring.

The footie ace revealed he is delighted his 26-year-old “beautiful” wife had hit the top spot with her debut solo song ‘Fight For This Love’.

“I am very proud of her,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying in an interview with OK! magazine.

“She worked hard to do it and she deserves all the goodness that comes to her. When she first thought about a solo career she was scared and nervous that she was going alone.

“We all get nerves in different ways but Cheryl has done brilliantly on The X Factor and she did a great performance of her single,” he said.

And he gave the raunchy outfit she wore that night the thumbs up.

“I like it. I think she looks beautiful. I was proud of her and very happy,” he added.

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