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Bill Clinton”s 64th b”day party leads to Hamptons grumbling

September 4, 2010

Former US President Bill Clinton”s birthday bash at a rented Hamptons mansion ended dramatically after an expensive vase was broken and a neighbour complained about parking.

The party, thrown by wife Hillary and Clinton”s longtime aide Doug Band, was held at a house on Deerfield Road in Water Mill for the ex-president”s 64th birthday.

“The Clintons know how to party. A large vase in the front entrance was broken, the front lawn and sprinkler system were shredded, and a neighbour complained,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

“The house was rented by Band from women”s golf-wear designer Toby Tucker Peters, who was told it would be a small party, but it ended up being over 100 people,” source said.

Guests at the late-August bash included Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, Pete Peterson, Matt Lauer, Lloyd Blankfein, Christie Brinkley, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters and Vera Wang, who designed Chelsea”s wedding dress.

However, a Clinton source said, “It wasn”t a wild party. It rained heavily, so everyone was confined inside the house. The sprinkler system was not broken and the lawn wasn”t in great shape in the first place.

“If a vase was broken, it will be replaced. One neighbor did come across before the party to complain about a car on his driveway, but it was the housekeeper”s car.”

Neighbor Daniel Beller said: “I was a classmate of Hillary”s in law school. I like and respected her then as I do even more so now.

“During the day I asked the valet service and the hosts to be mindful of where the cars were parked and to avoid parking cars on the grass leading to my house. They said they would do so, and they were good to their word.”

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