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RIM to Acquire a Mobile Ad Provider?

August 21, 2010

In order to stay in a boat, RIM is looking for an acquisition target in the mobile space. It is expected that the possible target of the company is Millenial Media, which is considered to be a mobile ad provider. According to the paper, negotiations between companies stalled over disagreements on a purchase price.

As a matter of fact, RIM considered that its rivals, such as Google and Apple overpaid for the mobile ad acquisitions, for that reason the company does not want to repeat the same steps. Apple purchased Quattro Wireless for an undisclosed sum.

But still it is unknown whether the purchase of a mobile company is a good move for RIM. In fact, the company does not have enough money to play cat and mouse in the acquisition market. Also one should not leave the fact, that a big part of consumers are more interested in the iOS as well as Android platforms.
It is obvious that RIM should focus its attention towards the BlackBerry.

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