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Shannon Marketic arrested for shoplifting

August 5, 2010

Shannon Marketic, who once filed a law suit against the sultan of Brunei, was arrested for shoplifting from a Target in Texas. She is the 1992 Miss USA. She was accused of shoplifting of Oil of Olay products worth $90.
At present, she is out on a bond of $500. But it looks like she would be paying a penalty ranging from $50 to $500. Shannon Marketic is more famous for accusing the sultan of Brunei that he made her a sex slave when she was under his employment. But her case against the ruling head was thrown away as he has immunity by law of the sate against all accusations. Another women had own 500,000 pounds on the same charges against the ruler.

But the very fact that Marketic has resorted to shoplifting proves that she has fallen to hard times and is in dire state. There are no reports about the Oil of Olay products she shoplifted but probably she was looking for a product that makes you appear younger and the product most likely was Regenerist

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