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Peugeot Outlines Its Future SR1-Based Cars

August 4, 2010

Gille Vidal, Peugeot’s styling chief, gave his exclusive interview to Auto Express in which he provided his vision of Ford Puma’s rival produced by their company and outlined a sporty future for Peugeot.

In Issue 1,090, 2+2 coupé exclusive images were published by us. That car was called RCZ. It turned out that Gille Vidal’s outline is a version of the abovementioned model.

After looking at the relatively showroom-fresh RCZ, it becomes clear that this vehicle’s front end definitely belongs to the family of those outgoing cars. If upgrade the design of SR1 that was exhibited at Geneva Motor Show held in March, a new sporty model will be born. And as Vidal hinted, this car will become the basis for all Peugeots in the future. He added that they would feel and look definitely more agile.

It is possible to notice SR1-style elements in the sketch, namely wraparound tail-lamps, narrow headlights, and scallops in the side panels. A classic coupé profile is combined by them with a tapered roof and short overhangs. Peugeot is definitely busy at the moment preparing its two new concepts for Paris expo, which will be held in October: the 208 supermini preview and a new mystery sports car.

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