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HTC to release Froyo update for the Desire handset

August 2, 2010

HTC is likely to release an Android 2.2 update Froyo for its flagship Desire handset at the weekend. The update will enable additional functionality including 720p video and an ability to sync with iTunes to the Desire. But T-Mobile says that it won’t be issuing the update until September.

An O2 spokesman said, “We’re working with HTC to bring the latest version of Android 2.2 Froyo to our HTC Desire customers as soon as possible. We expect this to take several weeks and we will update our customers once the new software is available.”

For unlocked Desires the update should start this weekend and these updates will include additional HTC Sense based features apart from the normal 2.2 update. Those who have an unlocked HTC Desire, they will find their phone gains a 720p video mode, AppShare widget and an iTunes enabled HTC sync Google’s Froyo update will be available to the HTC Desire and it will be the second such phone to get the update with the Google Nexus One being the other handset. The Froyo update will enable the phones to function wireless hotspots. The Desire owners will be able to connect with other devices to the internet wirelessly.

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