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Rahul Mahajan has regrets about marriage, wife Dimpy upset

July 31, 2010

Rahul Mahajan who married Kolkata girl Dimpy Ganguly through TV show now regrets on his decision.

On one hand Dimpy, wife of the son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan claims to be physically harassed by her husband finds himself warning never to enter in the marital home at Worli and on the other hand his ex-girlfriend Payal Rastaugi claims he’s been torturing and threatening her with calls and messages.

On Friday, Dimpy held a press conference outside the marital home when she was asked to leave her home. 21-year old girl said, “We had a conversation. He has regrets about what happened. Both of us are upset. I am deeply hurt and need some time alone to think about this. I want to be left alone till then.”

She added, “Rahul has apologised. He regrets his action sincerely. I haven’t recovered from what happened.”

Well Rahul don’t be so rude to trouble the two beautiful ladies in your life….however, one is past and other is your present.

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