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Panasonic unveils prototype of 3D image camera

July 29, 2010

Panasonic on Wednesday unveiled a prototype lens for its Lumix DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras to capture 3D images.

The lens has two small lenses side by side; each transmits light to the camera’s image sensor. The image will be from a slightly different viewpoint to exhibit the illusion of depth and appear to be in three dimensions. It will go well with Lumix cameras that use the “G Micro System” mount and would be made available by the end of 2010. There are no more details from Panasonic. The Lumix lens looked to be around a centimeter deep and the two lenses were within the diameter of the lens mount.

Many other rival camera makers have already launched their first 3D photography systems. Panasonic has said that advantages of its lens will make 3D photography easier. Images show no distortion between left and right images and even for moving objects. You can use a 3D television to view the 3D images.

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