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Blackberry releases video for BlackBerry

July 23, 2010

After many months’ rumors of Blackberry tablet hitting the market, but now these rumors have turned into reality as its features are being revealed gradually by the reports. Blackberry has also released a video to show case the pone and some of its features today.

According to a source that is close to RIM confirmed that the phone will have a 8.9″ size, and will be equipped only with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making it a companion device to the owner’s BlackBerry. This is sort of features what Palm attempted with the Foleo.

The Wall Street Journal, in June, followed up, saying that the phone will have a slide-out keyboard. It was also said that it will run on “a new version of the BlackBerry operating system with a universal search bar.” Blackberry has released a video regarding the phone. Some of the features can be seen on the video.

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