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Apple’s share and business up despite controversy

July 21, 2010

Apple Inc does not seem to be effected by the Antennagate controversy around its iPhone 4. it has said that the debate over its antenna design and dropped calls due to loss of signal is not going to make any adverse impact on sales of its smartphone.

The company’s revenue forecast has exceeded beyond expectation of Wall Street estimation. Apple’s share has climbed up 3 percent. The company’s Mac computer sales have gone surprisingly by 33 percent but mainly on the back of strong showing in Asia. Apple sold 3.47 million Macs in the first fiscal third quarter ended on June 26.

Apple recorded $18 billion in revenue in the first quarter of the current quarter and it is above than $17 billion predicted by Wall Street. Recently iPhone 4’s antenna problems have resulted in a controversy but Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said that faulty reception of signals is a worldwide problem. Actually the complaints about iPhone 4 loosing the signal started soon after it was launched on June 24. Since then, apple’s share had fallen by 7 percent. Now the company is offering free cases to protect the pone from signal loss but the experts say that the matter has not put to the rest.

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