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Logitech Rolls Out Z205 Speakers in the Indian Market

July 17, 2010

It is not always possible to get a decent quality sound output especially while you are on the go. But the problem can be resolved with the help of the new Logitech Z205 speaker, which is designed specifically for netbooks as well as laptops.

The Z205 speakers are available for Rs. 2,195 and it is offered by Rashi Peripherals in India.

It is possible to clip the new Logitech Z205 on the laptop by means of USB port. It is possible to use the speakers on Mac as well as Windows platform. It is claimed that they are able to offer better audio quality.

The measure of the Logitech Z205 is the following: 1.35 inches thick and 2.5 inches tall. So it means you are able to carry them along with you. The speakers are equipped with built-in amplifier as well as high-performance drivers. As for the enclosure, it is tuned acoustically.

There is no need to worry about the power as you can draw power from youth netbook or laptop.

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