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Make your skin fairer on Facebook

July 16, 2010

A new application has been incorporated in Facebook for the people who want to have a fair skin or a lighter shade of the skin. There is a growing number of the people who always want to look better and well groomed. This application on the social networking site is provided by Vaseline, which is the leading face cream maker.

The app on the sit aims at promoting the fairness cream for men. By using the app, the users can tone their skins on their profile pictures on Facebook. Thus, they are able to have a preview of their look. The page has already more than 500 fans and the number is likely to go up fast.

The people who designed the ad campaign have claimed a roaring success. But the app is now being labeled as racist in its nature as it makes you obsessed towards fairer skin. To promote the cream, Vaseline has roped in Bollywood star actor Shahid Kapoor, though he is not a dark skinned person and has no such complexion. It is to be noted that a similar brand of fairness cream has Sharukh Khan as its prompter. It looks like the concept of tall, dark and handsome man is no more required.

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