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Sanjay Dutt-Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Lamhaa’ not to screen in UAE theatres

July 15, 2010

‘Lamhaa’, a movie by the National Award winning director Rahul Dholakia that features Sanjay Dutt and Bipasha Basu has been banned to release in Middle East including Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman. The UAE National Media Council Censorship Board says that it is a highly objectionable and controversial subject.

The film’s producer, Bunty Walia came to know this after the prints subtitled in Arabic had been dispatched.

The film shows Kashmir as a “beautiful prison’ that talks about the nexus between politicians, the intelligentsia, the military and the militants which leads to the killings of innocent idealists.

However Dholakia disagree with this decision and believes that the censor board in UAE must watch the film in “totality” before taking such rigid action.

He said, “The Indian censor board has passed the film which proves that we have not crossed any lines.”

Even Indian censors had earlier objected at the film but later passed it with an A certificate, again a decision not accepted by Basu who believes that children must know the reality of their country.

Showing his disappointment, the producer said, “First the special premiere in Srinagar was cancelled because the authorities feared backlash from the locals. Since there are no theatres in the state now, my film that is about Kashmir and its people and was the filmed there, will not play there. And now, this ban in the Middle East that is the third biggest overseas market for Hindi films. We stand to lose between Rs 3-5 crore.”

Bipasha Basu tweeted regarding this ban, “Ban on an honest film?? What happened to the freedom of expression??”

The film is all set to release on July 16. Well when will people try and accept the realities around them??????

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