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HP Labs launched ‘SiteonMobile’ to Browse Web via Voice or SMS

July 13, 2010

HP Labs unveils the latest technology “SiteonMobile” which enables the users to access the web via SMS and voice services rather than traditional webpage-based browsing. This technology targets the low-end mobile users so that they can access the internet easily and efficiently.

Talking about this new technology, Director of HP Labs India, Sudhir Dixit said, “About 54 per cent of the phones sold in India are ultra-low-end and less than three per cent are Internet enabled. There is a strong need to deliver the value of Internet experiences on low-end devices used by users in emerging markets like India.”

The cloud-computing service is currently available for free of cost but the enterprises may charge users for SMS and voice services after the project is fully updated.

In order to fetch some more information, you can visit http://www.siteonmobile.com.

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