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Twitter to start @earlybird service for shopping

July 7, 2010

After enjoying immense success in its short form of massaging social networking, Twitter is now on experimenting mode. The site has now decided to take care of shopping needs of its customers. It is venturing in online shopping business but in its own way.

The company has started a new service called @earlybird. This is an official Twitter account that will meet the needs of online and offline retailers. The site will also show sneak peeks and events. Those users who log on to the account will have access to such entries as they see on other tweets.

The @earlybird is different account in a way that the company is going to monetize it. The company will be providing the deals and to do that it will be partnering. The partners will pay Twitter for placements of their business on the account or they will give the company a kick back on traffic to the account. If all goes well. The company may plan to take other areas such as books, music, movies and TV shows.

Twitter is also asking the users to send the events and even the companies which are worth working with. The company is of the view that the new service will start with big brands of the world and later it will spread around with smaller companies as well.

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