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Mozilla releases new version of Firefox

July 7, 2010

Mozilla has released new version of Firefox and it is named as Firefox 4 Beta, with a new look and loads of new features comes along with it. The new version was launched today.

Thus, with this version of Firefox, Mozilla has now introduced a new interface that takes its cue from Google Chrome and places tabs on the top by default. Current it will be for Windows only and later for Mac OS and Linux as well. The menubar has been hid and a new Firefox button is in place for common commands. Firefox 4 Beta also provides crash protection features, implying that in case plugin crashes, instead of causing the entire browser to crash, it will only bring down the plugin.

Other features of Firefox 4 Beta include a bolstered HTML 5 support that adds full WebGL support to enable 3D rendering within browser and it adds support for Google’s WebM video format. For personally checking other features of Firefox 4 Beta, the users can download the page and check it out.

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