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Sandra Bullock Finally Divorces

July 1, 2010

Tabloids published reports that said: Sandra Bullock, a famous actress, and her husband Jesse James, who has been living apart from her for some time, finally decided to divorce. According to the provided information, their divorce papers have been filed in Texas.
If PEOPLE magazine is to be trusted, the Oscar-winner’s representative announced that the star divorce was final.
We already know that 45-year-old Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, a motorbike enthusiast and reality show star, met for the first time seven years ago and got married in 2005.
The reason for the divorce process was an alleged love affair between Michelle McGee, tattoo model, and Bullock’s husband. The divorce proceedings were initiated earlier this year.
PEOPLE announced that the official reason for the break-up was found to be more than ever hackneyed: conflict of personalities and discord.
Two more interesting pieces of news connected with Sandra Bullock: first, this year she was granted an Academy Award for her participation in The Blind Side, second, the star adopted a baby son and called him Louis.
When the talented actress was awarded at the MTV Movie Awards last month, she confessed to the reporters that her time to get back to normal life had come.

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