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Manmohan: People of India anxious to see Obama soon

April 12, 2010

As US President Barack Obama prepares to visit India later this year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Sunday said he has fired the imagination of people of India, who are anxious to see him soon.

“He (Obama) has caught the imagination of millions of people in the world, including in India, who are anxious to meet him soon,” India’s Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao quoted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh telling Obama Sunday during their 50-minute talks on the eve of the Nuclear Security Summit.

“We are looking forward to the visit,” Rao said, adding that the dates for the visit are being finalised between the two sides.

The 48-year-old Obama walked down across the White House to meet Manmohan Singh at Blair House, the presidential guest house, for their first meeting since the White House state dinner in honour of the Indian prime minister in November last year.

The chemistry was excellent between the 77-year-old economist-turned-prime minister Manmohan Singh and Obama, who are known to be cerebral politicians with an appetite for ideas and analysis.

“They get along well. Obama has deep respect for the prime minister and India,” an official who participated in the talks from the Indian side said.

Obama is likely to visit India as early as June. He would be the first US president to visit India in the first two years of his first term in more than 30 years. Jimmy Carter was the last US president to visit India during his first term in the office.

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