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Google tool makes online shopping easy in India

March 31, 2010

On Tuesday, Google has introduced the latest tool for online shopping in India where the users can find details about different products along with their prices.

Google’s Indian official said, “Google users can access information on product names, prices and images from about 30,000 Indian websites and portals with a new tool through its search engine.”

Google’s new shopping tool has the capability to collect the information about products and their prices automatically. The system would scan millions of Indian Web pages and then displays product names, prices along with their images.

In order to use this tool, you just need to input the product’s name in the search column at http://www.google.co.in. Then click on the “Show Options …” link and choose the “Shopping” option. Then you will get the desired results that you can filter according to your requirements.

The products can be of any variety including mobile phones, household goods, washing machines, etc.

Google India products’ head Vinay Goel said, “The tool also helps users to select a price range from the listings with specific information on diverse products.”

The tool has been designed observing the latest trends of shopping online in India and it would help the users to decide faster and better deals online.

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