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Composer Hanif Shaikh impresses with ‘Paathshaala’ album

March 23, 2010

Film:”Paathshaala”; Music Director: Hanif Shaikh; Lyricist: Hanif Sheikh; Singers: Salim Merchant, Vishal Dadlani, Lucky Ali, Tulsi Kumar, Hanif Sheikh and Kailash Kher; Rating:***

There is nothing over the top and experimental in the soundtrack of choreographer Ahmed Khan’s first production venture “Paathshaala”, but still the music appeals and is worth a hear.

The album of this Shahid Kapoor starrer offers six originals and four remixes.

The soundtrack starts with “Aye khuda”, a soothing, breezy number crooned by Salim Merchant of composer duo Salim-Sulaiman. The youthful track makes you sway and is pleasing to the ears.

It also has an entertaining remix version.

Next is “Paathshaala (Khushnuma)”, which has influences of rock and hip hop. It has been effectively voiced by Vishal Dadlani. Tailor-made for dance floors, this heavily orchestrated number is targeted at youth.

Lucky Ali goes behind the mike after some time for “Bekarar”. The love ballad instantly connects with the listeners and the rise and fall of tempo makes it interesting. “Bekarar” grows on you and is a likeable track.

The remix of this song is passable.

Then there is another romantic song “Mujhe teri”. Sung by Tulsi Kumar, it breaks the domination of male singers in the album. Kumar is given ample support by composer Hanif Shaikh who comes behind the mike for the melodious song.

This too has an average remix.

Next is “Teri marzi” sung beautifully by Kailash Kher, a pro in such songs. The number with touches of Sufi pulls on your heartstrings. The use of flute is amazing and gives the song an edge.

Remix of this song should have been avoided and as expected it sounds rather inappropriate.

Finally arrives “Paathshaala – theme” which begins with the sound of “Aye khuda” but soon takes a far more euphoric route with a horde of children coming together and giving voice to the song. Equally interesting as compared to the other tracks.

On the whole, Hanif Sheikh makes an impressive debut as a composer and has potential to do much better.

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