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Jennifer Love Hewitt hates single life

March 18, 2010

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt who recently split from her long-term boyfriend Jamie Kennedy hates being single and prefers to be in a relationship.

The “Ghost Whisperer” actress says she doesn’t like being on her own and loves being committed, reports gossipblender.com.

“I’m a relationship kind of girl. I like a twosome. Some people get excited about being single. I don’t,” said Love Hewitt who has written a self-help book on relationships titled “The Day I Shot Cupid”.

The actress, 31, insists her break-up from Kennedy was amicable and she is now looking forward to moving on with her life.

“We’ve parted as friends. There’s no anger, there’s no upset, there’s no enemies. It’s been totally fine. It’s really a testament to who he is and to who I am. We’re both grown-ups,” she said.

“I want to be an independent woman who falls in love, finds a great partner for her lifetime, has kids and kind of does it all. I’d like to have it all,” she added.

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