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Portman was scandalised by lesbian kiss in new film

February 4, 2010

Actress Natalie Portman has revealed she was “terrified” about having to kiss Mila Kunis in their new movie “Black Swan” and worried their steamy encounter would overshadow the whole film.

The actress has a steamy scene with Kunis in the supernatural thriller and admits she struggled to overcome her nerves before locking lips with another woman, reports fashion.ie.

“I was terrified. At the moment I lived in a state of inner terror,” she said.

Portman, who previously shot a nude scene for short film “Hotel Chevalier”, is also worried the lesbian sequence may overshadow the plot of the film.

“Nudity is something absolutely natural and I’m not prudish but in a film it can be distracting. Doing ‘Black Swan’ I couldn’t say no. The project is a huge opportunity for me to show a new me. I can’t always play the nice mothers. My other problem is that single pictures are being taken out of context and put on the internet,” she said.

“Black Swan” is set in the highly competitive world of New York ballet and follows Portman’s veteran ballerina character who finds herself locked in direct competition with a mysterious rival dancer.

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