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Jyoti Basu, the man who stopped his convoy for a kid

January 18, 2010

Noted Bengali writer Nabanita Dev Sen was for long Basu’s neighbour when the former West Bengal chief minister — who died Sunday — lived at Hindustan Park in south Kolkata. She remembers the times he stopped his convoy for her daughter’s exams.

Recalling Basu’s simple lifestyle, Sen said despite being the chief minister he never had an inverter even during the years when loadshedding was rampant in the state.

Sen remembered seeing Basu sitting in his balcony often in the summer months alongside his wife and using a hand fan during power-cuts.

“Always a principled person, he would not get an inverter when we all had,” she told IANS.

Sen said she had known Basu as a neighbour since her birth. “My parents held my marriage ceremony in his backyard.”

“In spite of his very busy schedule, he was a warm and affectionate neighbour who would participate in our family celebrations and would even hold back his convoy to allow me to drop my daughter to her exam when we were late.”

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