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Shallow fog, but backlog disrupts train schedules

January 9, 2010

Saturday may have dawned much clearer for Delhi, without the heavy fog like the day before, but the backlog continued to disrupt rail services – delaying as many as 50 trains by up to 10 hours.

“The weather condition today (Saturday) is much better than yesterday and the day before. There is hardly any fog in Delhi, but the condition elsewhere may not be as good. On top of that there is a heavy backlog. Therefore, there have been many delays and rescheduling of trains today,” a Northern Railways spokesperson told IANS.

“Five trains, which includes the Northeast Express, have been rescheduled and almost 50 have been delayed by a maximum of 10 hours,” the official added.

In addition, 17 trains have been cancelled until Jan 31.

Due to heavy fog and poor visibility Friday, more than 25 trains to and from the capital were cancelled, 70 Delhi-bound trains were delayed and eight trains leaving Delhi were rescheduled.

According to the met department, in contrast to poor visibility of barely 50 metres until 10 a.m. Friday, Delhi had a visibility of 800 metres at 7 a.m. Saturday.

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