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Japanese man creates life-like robotic fish

January 4, 2010

A Japanese man has created a set of incredibly life-like robotic fish called ”fish bots”.

Masamichi Hayashi, a marine ecologist, used recycled objects, from raincoats to windscreen wipers, for his new invention.

A remote control is used to control the movements of the ‘fish bots,’ reports the Telegraph.

Moreover, the fish’s swimming styles is developed as per the species on which they are modelled.

And, some of the larger models can even open and close their mouths to eat artificial ”prey”.

Hayashi has recorded videos of the fish, showing them pick up rubbish from the water, in a bid to educate school children about sea creatures.

He has also built turtles apart from a 5ft long replica of the prehistoric coelacanth, which cost 2 million Yen.

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