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Wincing in pain, Katrina leaves for family vacation

December 24, 2009

Katrina Kaif has decided to join her family in London for the annual Christmas-New Year vacation, in spite of being in pain after her minor surgery last week.

The healing process after the surgery is not even half-complete. But the actress, who was recovering quietly at her Mumbai home, flew out of the city early Wednesday after getting a reluctant go-ahead from her doctors at Breach Candy hospital.

Wincing in pain, she said a few hours before departure: “The pain will remain for a while. But the process of healing is on. I got my doctor’s consent in Mumbai and I’ve another doctor in London who’s fully aware of my condition. The doctors said the pain will be the same in Mumbai or London. And as long as I’m very careful about not exerting myself I’ll be fine. So I’m off.”

Katrina was depressed earlier in the week, thinking she wouldn’t be able to join her siblings in London because of her medical condition. But later she decided to go for the vacation.

Said Katrina: “I can’t exert myself, can’t dance around or be boisterous. But that’s okay, because our family is in any case not the dancing type. I just want to be with my sister’s little boy, take him to the toy stores in London and buy him everything he wants.”

Katrina returns to Mumbai in the first week of January, hopefully fully healed. “Luckily I’ve a doctor in London who knows how to look after me. So basically I’m just moving into a happier state of mind by being close to the people I love. That would help me heal quicker…Wish me luck.”

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