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Rituparno Ghosh Boycotts Marrakech Film Festival for Actress!

December 12, 2009

Rituparno Ghosh was supposed to leave for the Marrakech Film Festival, which begins on December 4. His latest film ‘Abohoman’, allegedly based on the personal life of Satyajit Ray, was to be screened.

But Ghosh has opted out, apparently because the film’s leading lady Mamata Shankar was not allowed to accompany Ghosh.

Rituparno denies that to be the only reason why he’s boycotting Marrakech. “It’s true that I wanted Mamata to come along, since she’s the film’s leading lady. And yes, she didn’t get to go. But besides that it’s a very long and tiring journey to Marrakech. I’d have to travel to Dubai first and halt there for nine hours before catching another flight to Morocco and then drive to Marrakech.”

Rituparno says he wasn’t up to the long trip. “I’m scripting my next film at the moment. And I can’t really afford to get away.”

But Kolkata is abuzz with rumors that Ritu made the sacrifice for Mamata Shankar’s sake. She plays the neglected wife of a film director, and is apparently very friendly with Rituparno Ghosh these days.

Says Ritu, “Yes she is a friend. And I think she should’ve been in Marrakech because she’s the only international face from Kolkata.”

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