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Shahid loves vegetarian sushi

December 10, 2009

Shahid Kapoor, who despite being Asia’s sexiest vegetarian man, has always been worried about finding good vegetarian dishes when he shoots abroad. His worries are a thing of the past now. Ever since he discovered vegetarian sushi at Bangkok’s Esao restaurant, he can’t stop eating it.

Shahid, who has been shooting in Bangkok for the past three weeks with Anushka Sharma for Parmeet Sethi’s untitled film, goes to eat at the restaurant as soon as the shooting ends. Even though he wasn’t very keen on trying it out initially, he loved it later. Shahid was glad at having found this place because there are hardly any vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok and there are very limited options for vegetarian food. Now, whenever the crew goes out to eat together, they know what Shahid will order and sometimes order it before him. He even recommends it to everyone.

The news was confirmed by Shahid.

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