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Lindsay Lohan’s new man is Gucci model Adam Senn

December 10, 2009

‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan is said to have found a new man, Gucci model Adam Senn.

Senn, who is a partial owner of Chelsea eatery Il Bastardo, had met Lohan, 23, during the Fashion Week in NYC.

“They really hit it off,” the New York Daily News quoted a source as saying.

“The last time Lindsay was in town, Adam shut down the restaurant early so they could be alone. He invited some friends to the restaurant later in the evening and everyone got pretty wild. He thinks Lindsay is a fun girl.

“He’s genuinely interested in her, and it seems pretty mutual. Adam even said he was looking forward to when she got back from India.

“He wants to get to know her even better,” the source added.

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