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Jessica Alba cuts sugar from daughter’s diet

December 3, 2009

Actress Jessica Alba refuses to give her toddler Honor sugary drinks, insisting sodas and synthetic juices are not healthy.

The protective Alba, who gave birth to her daughter in June 2008, insists she wants to make sure Honor has a healthy outlook on life.

“She doesn’t have sugar at all; she doesn’t even have fruit juice. She has, like, three-quarters celery or cucumber juice with a little bit of apple juice – that’s the most sugar she’s ever had. I know it’s crazy but… she doesn’t know. She’s like, ‘Cucumber juice – awesome!’,” contactmusic quoted Alba as saying.

And Alba also insists her child doesn’t stay indoors, staring at a television screen.

“She plays outside with toys… She doesn’t really watch TV at all,” she said.

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