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6 infants die in old government hospital

November 17, 2009

In a shocking incident, about six infants, who were born only a couple of days back, have died at the old government general hospital in Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh due to alleged negligence of doctors , non-functioning of incubators and lack of sufficient number of ventilators.

Though some infants died on Saturday, the whole issue came to light only on Monday night as the doctors in the hospital kept the issue very ‘secretely’, parents of the infants told a news agency correspondent.

The news of the infants’ death broke out only after the infant of Adinarayana and Bhavani couple of Krishna Lanka died and similarly the weeping parents of other infants who were at the hospital are from Raarajeswaripet, Surampalli, Bhavanipuram and Vidyadarpuram.

Doctors and the anguished parents at the hospital also said two infants died on Saturday and the rest till late Monday night.

The parents of the infants said ”when we told that our baby was not well, no one cared at the hospital and the doctors reportedly advised us to go to private hospital where we should spend much amount for joining our children in the incubator which we cannot afford”.

In the Neonatol ward in the hospital there was no proper arrangements of placing ventilators and it was money taking to arrange ventilators and to get repairs of incubators, hospital sources said.

The sources said the infants who had died were born with ‘very less weight’ and in view of this they have to keet in the incubators by arranging ventilators to the babies.

A doctor at the hospital said though there is provision of treating 20 babies in the ward, there were only eight incubators and one ventilator.

The duty doctors told mediapersons that on the basis of complaints from the infant’s parents and the negligence showed by the nurses over the issue, the matter will be probed and a report will be submitted to the Hospital Superintendent later.

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